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Are you ready to work with a team that encourages you to dream big and gives you the freedom to define your own career journey? Then we want to talk to you! If you’re still not sure, see what some of our teams do at Symantec. Check out the many different places where you could live and work as a Symantec team member. Then, find your dream job and let your Symantec journey begin!

How Do You Want to Protect the

World’s Information?

For more than 36 years, Symantec employees have worked, innovated, and adapted to help the company grow from a Silicon Valley startup into one of the world’s most trusted cybersecurity leaders.

Today, the culture and values that built Symantec are stronger than ever—and well represented across different parts of the company that focus on consumers, large enterprises, website security, and more. Learn how Symantec employees around the world are contributing to the Symantec story every day—and find out how you can help us write the next chapter.


Symantec internships provide college students with a unique opportunity to gain valuable experiences in the technology industry and gain an important edge in today’s competitive job market. Every internship program at Symantec is focused on giving you the tools and experience you need to develop your career. And with Symantec’s open, collaborative work environment, your smart ideas and fresh perspectives will always be valued, recognized, and rewarded.


With its mission to deliver the best possible protection for people’s digital lives, Symantec’s Norton business unit protects tens of millions of consumers with globally recognized security products that are easy to find, activate, and use. The Norton organization consists of a diverse range of business functions—from digital marketing, eBusiness, and engineering to product design and support. At Norton, all of these individual functions work together to help people and organizations secure and manage their information-driven worlds.

Icon representing Consumer Business Unit


Symantec’s Enterprise Security Group helps protect people and information at many of Fortune’s Global 500 companies. As the leader in the enterprise cyber security space, Symantec offers smart, ambitious people opportunities in a wide range of different roles—from product marketing and management to product engineering, security analysis, services and support, and much more.

Icon representing Enterprise Security Group


General and administrative roles are essential to Symantec’s success, and they directly impact every employee. That’s why we provide prime career opportunities for a wide range of general support and administrative professionals, including finance specialists, IT professionals, legal professionals, HR administrators and managers, and marketing professionals.

Tell me about Legal

“The Legal, Security and Public Affairs team is comprised of: (1) the traditional legal functions that support both the enterprise and consumer businesses (litigation support, ethics and compliance, corporate legal, commercial/GTM legal support, product legal support, and IP protection), (2) the Global Security Office/CISO, tasked with protecting Symantec’s people, data and facilities, and (3) several smaller but equally important teams including Corporate Responsibility, Trade Compliance (import/export), Brand Protection (anti-piracy), the Privacy Office and Government Affairs. Our team touches every aspect of the business with a hands-on approach to protecting our employees, customers and partners.”

– Scott Taylor, EVP, General Counsel & Secretary

Tell me about IT

“With respect to our IT organization, I am most proud that we have developed a service owner mindset. Service owners have end-to-end accountability for the service they manage—there is a dedicated IT owner that is motivated and compensated to deliver and improve their service. That translates into delivering highly optimized services across the globe every day. A service spans from collaboration services to pricing/configuration services through reporting services.”

– Sheila Jordan, Chief Information Officer

Tell me about Finance

“Joining the Finance organization means joining a team focused on driving value for Symantec. Our Finance team members are dedicated to making it easy to do business with Symantec, while ensuring the greatest return for our investors.”

– Nick Noviello, EVP, Chief Financial Officer

Tell me about HR

“HR plays an important role at Symantec. We’re not just about employment paperwork and benefits—we are focused on creating an outstanding employee experience. We have an important mission at Symantec—we need the right people on our team to help keep the world’s information safe. But we also want to make sure that our team members are rewarded for giving their passion and focus to this important work.”

- Amy Cappellanti-Wolf, SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer

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Amazing Places to

Live and Work

Symantec has more than 60 offices around the world—including larger offices in nine amazing cities:

Photo of Symantec's Mountain View campus

Mountain View, California

With an award-winning 12,000 square foot fitness center, onsite gastro lounge and café, fully-maintained bocce ball, volleyball, basketball, and tennis courts, and a long list of other amenities, Symantec’s global headquarters offers a uniquely active and collaborative work environment. And of course, working in Mountain View puts you at the heart of one of the world’s great technology and innovation centers, offering easy access to San Francisco, Monterey, and other popular Northern California attractions.

Landscape photo of Utah

Draper, Utah

Our Draper facility is a center of innovation for many of Symantec’s web and cloud security products. It offers a new cycling center and other amenities designed to support an active outdoor lifestyle. Draper also puts you less than 30 minutes away from five world-class ski resorts and some of the best hiking, biking, climbing, and sightseeing you’ll find anywhere in the world. If you enjoy the outdoors—mixed with the culture and amenities of nearby Salt Lake City—Draper is a great place to begin your Symantec journey.

Photo of onsite fitness center in Arizona campus

Tempe, Arizona

In our Tempe office, a center for the CBU, employees can take advantage of an onsite fitness center, free Metro public transportation passes, and a City Wide bike loan station located right in front of the building. With an average annual temperature of 75° F, Tempe is also the ideal city for anyone who loves the sun and enjoys wide open desert spaces.

Photo of Symantec's Culver City office

Culver City, California

Culver City is a well-known film and TV entertainment center. Thanks to Symantec, it’s also becoming a center for cybersecurity innovation—with many of our engineering, research, and design professionals working on a diverse range of enterprise and consumer security products and services. With a LEED Platinum Certified facility that features an onsite café and fitness center, cycling center, and employee game space, our Culver City location has a lot to offer. And of course, it also puts you at the heart of LA’s nearly endless sunshine, famous culture, and fabulous lifestyle.

Interior Photo of Dublin office

Dublin, Ireland

With more than 800 employees, the Dublin office serves as Symantec’s EMEA headquarters, as well as a hub for the company’s support and security response teams. With a state-of-the-art new facility featuring an onsite café located in Ireland’s vibrant capital city, Dublin offers the perfect mix of exciting career opportunities and a rich, rewarding lifestyle.

Photo of Symantec's Chennai office

Chennai, India

The Chennai office, a hub for the CBU, features an on-site fitness center, a convenient café, and a variety of customized transportation and commuting services for employees. As one of the largest and safest cultural, economic, and educational centers in Southern India, Chennai provides Symantec employees with easy access to the nearly endless variety of museums, art galleries, music, and restaurants that this vibrant city has to offer.

Photo of Symantec's Pune office building

Pune, India

Located in one of the fastest-growing cities in the Asia Pacific region, Symantec’s Pune facility offers an onsite café and fitness center; air conditioned shuttles for employees; outdoor basketball, tennis, and cricket courts; a fully-stocked indoor gaming center; and many other amenities. Employees at this facility work in a variety of groups from Enterprise, Corporate Services, Sales, and IT.? The Pune office is located at the heart of one of India’s most culture-rich cities—with countless opportunities to explore art, music, and architecture.

Photo of Symantec's Tel Aviv office

Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel is known as the startup nation and our Tel Aviv offices embody that spirit. We are located in the heart of Tel Aviv, minutes away from the beach, and surrounded by amazing restaurants. We are a fast-moving group of people focused on cutting-edge cybersecurity development and research.
Symantec's Tel Aviv R&D center focuses on two of the most innovative fields in cybersecurity: Modern OS Security and Web Isolation. Modern OSs represent the future of how computers will operate and they require an entirely new security paradigm to combat increasingly sophisticated attacks on vulnerable data.
Today’s mobile devices play an essential and intimate role in our lives and are an extension of ourselves. Attackers are aware of our dependence on mobile devices and are continuously developing tools to spy on their targets’ location, conversations, biometrics, and other highly sensitive data. Symantec’s modern OS security solutions, which are rapidly embraced by the largest organizations on the planet, ensure the security and integrity of our mobile devices.
Web Isolation is an innovative cyber technology that is revolutionizing web security. With the browser being the most used application, it is no surprise it has become a prime target for attacks. Symantec Web Isolation completely eliminates malware and phishing threats while providing secure and wide web access. We’re seeing wide adoption of our game-changing technology from the largest enterprises across the world as we enable organizations to win the battle against attackers!
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